Catalogue of books belonging to the South Orange Library Association 1874

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  1. The Library will be opened fro the delivery and reception of books from 7:30 to 10 o'clock A.M., and 3 to 9 o'clock P.M. daily, excepting Sundays, public holidays, the day of the annual election, and such other days as the Board may direct.
  2. Books must in all cases be charge on the Librarian's ledger before they are taken from the Library.
  3. But one book, or two volumes of the same work, if a 12mo or smaller, will be delivered to any member, excepting family life members and members holding extra subscriptions.
  4. No book can be retained from the Library longer than two weeks. But any book (excepting such as are marked on the Catalogue "not to be renewed")may be renewed for one week before it is returned to the shelves, provided it is brought to the Library for this purpose, and charged again upon the ledger.
  5. No member can take out books on another's account, except by a written order; and if any books, thus taken out, are lost or injured, the person to whom they are charged will be held responsible.


  1. Members retaining books from the Library beyond the time specified in the Regulations, will be fined three cents per day on every book so retained.
  2. If any book is injured or lost, the person to whom such book is charged must replace the same, or pay an equivalent in money. If the book be one of a set, he shall receive odd volumes at an appraisal, to be fixed by the Library Committee.
  3. No member will be permitted to receive a book from the Library until he has paid all sums due from him to the Association, and made good all damages or losses, which he has occasioned.


  1. The reading-room will be opened from 7:30 to 10 o'clock A.M., and from 3 to 9 o'clock P.M. daily, excepting Sundays, public holidays, the day of the Annual election, and such other days as the Board may direct.
  2. No member is allowed the privilege of the reading-room who is in arrears for dues to the Association, or fines incurred int he Library.
  3. Any member of the Association may introduce to the reading-room a friend, not a resident of South Orange, whose name must be registered by the Librarian, and who will receive a card of admission for four weeks. Persons thus introduced may consult books int he Library, but will not be allowed to remove any books from the room.
  4. No smoking or loud conversation is permitted in the reading-room.
  5. Gentlemen are requested not to wear their hats in the reading-room.
  6. No magazine or newspaper shall be taken from the reading-room without special permission, on penalty of expulsion upon detection

For the complete 1874 Library Catalouge click File:2015 06 11 10 53 03.pdf