Mrs. Eugene V. Connett - Obituary

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RESOLUTION OF THE DEATH OF MRS. E. V. CONNETT Trustees of the South Orange Library. May, 1912.

The death of Mrs. E. V. Connett takes from among us on of the best friends of the Library.

For many years Mrs. Connett has taken a warm interest in the administration of its affairs --she long served as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee -- and so indefatigable was her work that the present list of fellows and members insuring the annual support of hte library is largely due to her efforts.

When at last she felt obliges to resign the laborious duties of the chairmanship, it was in face of the most earnest solicitation of her associates that she continued. But her interest int eh work remained as great as ever and she was an example to us all in her regular attendance at the meetings of the trustees.

Although in every sense a leading member of the Board, she was retiring in disposition while making her influence felt in ways that were almost imperceptible. She loved the work and whenever she was present she was a power for good.

The beautiful building that houses the Library, built on land presented by her husband's munificence and situated directly opposite her house, was ever before her eyes and in her thoughts. It is fair to say that the credit for the building itself is due to her and Mr. Connett. The gift of land made possible the collection of the money for the erection of the building.

The Trustees assembled at this special meeting wish to express their warm appreciation of her character and their deep sympathy with the sorrow that has fallen upon her family and her friends. The sadness of her loss is tempered by the knowledge of her goodness and piety. The people of the village of South Orange have lost a good friend and it is hard to see who can replace her. She will be missed by many who have been the recipients of her kindness and generosity. None regret her loss more sincerely, none will miss her presence more truly than the Trustees of the South Orange Library.