Newstead Neighborhood Discussion 2003

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0:01Introductions - Patty Brown Christianson, moderator; Alan Rosen, Nancy Heins-Glaser, Noel Glaser, Joanne Douds, Steve Welk, Naoma Welk, Fay Gitlin, Lila and Bill Flammer, Shelley Weinstock, Rudy Sammons
3:00Discussion of first house built in Newstead
7:05Newstead School - later South Mountain Annex
9:15Brief history of area and timeline of development
12:00Experiences of residents and discussion of notable people who lived in Newstead
32:45History of Stagecoach House and first house of Spier Dr.
39:30Strongest memories of Newstead; why people moved there; importance of athletics
57:30End of formal discussion

Recorded: June 22, 2003, approximately 60 minutes