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- 100 YEARS -
The South Orange Library
1864 - 1964
  1. Founded November 4, 1864 in teh House of William J. Beebe, its first president. It first occupied (in 1864) a room over Smith and Lum's Booksellers and Printers Store second floor front, corner South Orange Avenue and Sloan Street. Rent $50 per year.
  2. In 1883 in order to widen Sloan Street for approach to R.R. Station (then new) Lum's building was moved to the north west corner of Scotland Road and South Orange Avenue. The Library moved with it and continued to occupy the same room on the new location.
  3. In 1889 the library moved to 59 South Orange Avenue ground floor (this was later Grunings store.) It remained there until 1896.
  4. In May 1896 present library corner Scotland Road and Taylor Place was opened. In 1929 it was enlarged.