South Orange Women's Club: Constitution and By-Laws 1945

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Article 1. NAME
The name of this Club shall be The South Orange Woman's Club.

Article 2. OBJECT
The purpose of the Club shall be to furnish inspiration, through study and recreation, for greater efficiency in the home and community.

Section 1. Membership in the Club shall consist of three classes: active, non-resident and honorary.
Section 2. Any woman who is in sympathy with the object of the Club may be nominated for active membership.
Section 3. Any member who establishes residence twenty-five or more miles from the meeting place of the Club shall be eligible to non-resident membership. She shall receive all printed notices and communications from the Club and be eligible to attend meetings but may not hold office or vote.
Section 4. Honorary membership may be conferred by a majority vote of the Executive Board. They shall be entitles to all privileges of the Club except to hold office or vote. They shall not pay dues.

Article 4. OFFICERS
Section 1. The officers of the Club shall be President, First and Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Federation Secretary, all of whom shall be elected to serve for two years and may not succeed themselves.
Section 2. The officers together with the chairmen of departments and standing committees shall constitute the Executive Board.

Article 5. MEETINGS
Regular meetings hall be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, from October to May inclusive, with the exception of December when there shall be but one, the date of which shall be set by the Executive Board. Business meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month, he fourth Tuesday to be for programs only. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday in May at which time Annual Reports shall be submitted in writing by the officers and chairmen of departments and standing committees.

Article 6. AMENDMENTS This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular business meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been read at the previous business meeting and a printed notice of change sent to each member at least ten days before meeting.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Board. She shall be ex-officio a member of all committees. She shall appoint chairmen of committees not otherwise provided for in these By-Lays. She shall approve all committee appointments. She shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office and act as a delegate to the State Convention of Federated Women's Clubs.
Section 2. The First Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in her absence. She shall be chairman of the Membership committee. She shall keep a complete record of the Club membership on a card filing system.
Section 3. The Second Vice-President shall be chairman of Programs. She shall act as a delegate to the state Convention.
Section 4. The Recording secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Club and of the Executive Board and shall see that the President receives a copy of them. She shall be the custodian of all records, annual reports and shall be responsible for their filing.
Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence as directed. She shall inform new members of their acceptance and notify those dropped from the membership list.
Section 6. The Federation Secretary shall be the medium of communication between the State and General Federation of Women's Clubs. She shall represent the Club at all Federation meetings and shall handle subscriptions for the New Jersey Clubwoman.
Section 7. The Treasurer shall receive all Club funds and pay out the same on approval of the President. She shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and present a statement to the business meeting of each month. the book in which the record of receipts and disbursements is made as well as the vouchers for all expenditures and the annual report of the Treasurer shall be submitted to the auditor at least one week before the annual meeting. She shall send out all membership bills, receipts and cards.

Section 1. The activities of the Club shall be conducted by the following departments and standing committees:
A. Departments: American Home and Garden, Art, Drama, International Relations and Legislation, Literature, Music, and Welfare and Civics.
B. Standing Committees: Finance, Hospitality, Publicity, Ways and Means, and Year Book.
Section 2. The chairmen of Department and Standing committees shall be elected by the Club for a term of two years.
Section 3. Department chairmen shall meet with the Program chairmen to plan programs for home meetings. They shall present their programs for the year to the Executive Board before its September meeting.
Section 4. The amount budgeted for the work of each department shall be determined by the Finance committee, and approved by the Executive Board.
Section 5. The Publicity chairman shall appoint a committee to supply the press with notices and reports of such meetings and entertainments of the Club. They shall be responsible of the printing and mailing of the monthly Club Bulletin.
Section 6. The Hospitality chairman shall have an adequate committee to be in charge of the Tea Hour, following the regular meetings.
Section 7. The Finance Committee shall consist of a chairman elected by the Club, the President, Treasurer, Ways and Means chairman, and three members elected from the general membership. They shall prepare the club budget and direct the expenditures of all un-budgeted moneys raised by the Club and submit them to the Executive Board. They shall have custody of the Contingency Fund.
Section 8. The Ways and Means shall appoint a vice-chairman and an adequate committee to raise money for the general fund and for such other projects as directed by the Finance committee.
Section 9. The Year Book Chairman shall edit and distribute the Year Book. Her committee shall be the President, the Membership chairman, the Program chairman and one other member.

Section 1. A candidate for active membership must make application upon a blank provided by the Club and signed by her. She shall be proposed by one active member and endorsed by two other members who have known her for a period of one year.
Section 2. All candidates for membership shall be acted upon by the Executive Board by written ballot. Two negative votes will disqualify a candidate for membership.
Section 3. Membership shall be forfeited by those whose dues are in arrears on February 1.
Section 4. Members dropped for non-payment of dues may be re-instated upon payment of dues in arrears.
Section 5. Members who have resigned in good standing may resume membership upon request in writing to the Corresponding Secretary.
Section 6. Resignations from membership shall be in writing, addressed to the Corresponding Secretary.
Section 7. Membership cards must be presented at each Club meeting. A fine of ten cents shall be levied for failure to present membership cards. Section 8. Two guest cards are provided for each member with the membership card. Members may bring additional guest on payment of twenty-five cents for each guest.

Article 4. DUES.
Section 1. Annual dues shall be six dollars, payable immediately after the annual meeting in May. The Treasurer shall send a second statement to those in arrears on December 1. All members in arrears on February 1 shall be dropped from the membership rolls.
Section 2. Non-resident membership dues shall be three dollars.
Section 3. New members admitted to the Club after February 1 shall pay three dollars for the ensuing year.
Section 4. Dues from new members must accompany the application blank.

Article 5. MEETINGS.
Section 1. The Executive Board shall meet monthly, September through May inclusive.
Section 2. Special meetings of the Club or of the Executive Board may be called by the President or three members of the Executive Board.

Article 6. ELECTIONS.
Section 1. Election of officers and those chairmen designated to be chosen by the Club shall occur every two years at the annual meeting in May.
Section 2. Candidates for the office must have been members of the Club for at least one year.
Section 3. Three months previous to election the President shall appoint a committee on nominations, consisting of five members.
Section 4. Two months previous to election, it shall be the duty of the chairman of nominations to provide each member with a list of the offices to be filled. This list shall serve as a Presidential Ballot and be returned to the chairman of the committee on a date specified by her.
Section 5. The lists are to be opened at a meeting of the committee on nominations and from them, with the consent of the candidates, the chairman shall present to the Club at the regular business meeting in April a list of nominees.
Section 6. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at this meeting.
Section 7. The committee on elections shall consist of three people chosen by the President.
Section 8. A majority vote shall elect.
Section 9. Vacancies in the Executive Board shall be filled in the following manner: The proposed successor shall be recommended to the Executive Board by a committee on the President and two other members of the Board. The candidate shall then be voted upon by the Executive Board.

Article 7. QUORUM.
Section 1. Twenty- five active members shall constitute a quorum for the regular Club meetings.
Section 2. Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the Executive Board meetings.

Article 8. AMENDMENTS.
These By-Laws may be amended by a two third vote of those present at any regular business meetings provided the proposed amendment has been read at the previous business meeting and a printed notice of change sent to each member at least then days before meeting.

Article 9. AUTHORITY.
Roberts Rules of Order shall be the Parliamentary Authority.

May, 1945.