"Through the Years" with The South Orange Woman's Club

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"Long, Long Ago"
Mrs.C.Earl Anderson
SCENE 1FIRST CLUB MEETINGMesdames Bennett, Cetrule, Kackenmester, Kammerer, Schaller, Taylor, Tuthill, Wallace
SCENE 2OVER THE TEA TABLEMesdames Black, Broderson, Hall, Larsen, McNamee, Weatherford, Williams
SCENE 3CLUB MOTTOMrs. Sumner Williams
SCENE 4LONGFELLOW AFTERNOONMesdames Black, Bennett, Broderson, Krammerer, Schaller, Taylor, Wallace
SCENE 5OLD FOLKS CONCERTMrs. Charles Baker, Pianist; Mrs. Charles Jacobs, Soloist; Mesdames Tuthill, Andersen, Anderson, Foster, Holdridge, Kackenmester, Melick, Russell, Vogel, VanLiew, Verinder
"Ave Maria"
Mrs. Williard Tuthill
SCENE 7EARLY DELEGATESMesdames Broaderson, Cetrule, Larsen, Schaller, Weatherford
SCENE 8THE PRESIDENTS' PARADEMrs. Edmund R. Halsey, Mrs. John M. Perry, Mrs. Louis Harmuth, Mrs. James Schanck, Mrs. Richard Karch, Mrs. Rodney Lancey, Mrs. Henry Dahlen, Mrs. Lester Rice
SCENE 9ART MEMORIESMrs. Byron Fair, Miss M. Hall
SCENE 10BETTER MOVIESMrs. Chas. Poole, Miss E. VanLiew
Club Song
Mrs. Gordon Foster
Written by Mrs. E. Halsey, 1930
SCENE 11OLD LADIES' HOMEMrs. Rowland Eager, Miss S. Halliday, Mrs. J. Labiaux, Mrs. W. Verinder
SCENE 12ORIGINAL CHAPEAUXMesdames Albert Kackenmester, Aldrich, Dreyer, Ferguson, McQuillan, Rood, Oliver, Petrolkubi
SCENE 13WAR SERVICEMesdames Louis C. Dean, Bennett, Cetrule, Eager, Fair, Hall, Halliday, Farley, Kammerer, Larsen, Preston, Taylor, Towers, Verinder, Williams
NARRATOR, Mrs. Frank B. Foster -- PIANIST, Mrs. H. S. Watkins

STAGING, Mrs. E. H. Balevre and Mrs. J. H. Stapleton