Old Stone House

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The Old Stone House.jpg
The Original walls of what residents now call the Old Stone House predate 1680 when the property was named in a land grants made to Edward and Joseph Riggs, and Nathaniel Wheeler. Historians estimate that Dutch settles built the farmhouse between 1666 and 1680 when they arrived in Newark. Renovations in 1877 and 1896 transformed the farmhouse into a Queen Anne, shingle-style mansion. In 1773, Dr. Bethuel Pierson brought and in 1867 William A. Brewer Jr. bought the home and named it "Aldworth." Brewer was president of Washington Life Insurance Company in New York City and lived in the house for 50 years, until 1916. Subsequently, Dr. George C. Albee purchased the house and lived there with his wife and children for several years.

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