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The South Orange Woman's Club The original name was "The Christmas Club." The first meeting was held in Mrs. Halsey's house in the Fall of 1908, as the following named women were present:

  • Mrs. Halsey
  • Mrs. Edward T. Taylor
  • Mrs. H.J. Brown
  • Mrs. Frank Goreth
  • Mrs. William Knor
  • Mrs. Charles Knor
  • Mrs. Hagenbach
  • Mrs. Charles N. Brown
  • Mrs. John Perry
  • Mrs. Edward Bolsover

Mrs. Halsey "The idea was to have a group of women who would enjoy a 'get together' once every week or two and making our own Christmas gifts and perhaps doing some reading. When we did get together, we found after a while that being plain every day women we were doing more talking than was wise and we wanted to do something more than just talking about our children. We felt we were not spending our time very profitable and might do some reading."

The meetings continued being held in the homes. Mrs. Perry at the time had one child, Mrs. Halsey two (Dorothy was three, Ted a baby). Mrs. Perry's earliest recollection was of Mrs. Goretti reading poems which she had written herself.

At a meeting in Mrs. Bolsover's home in 1910, the question of changing the name of the Club was discussed. Mrs. Hagenbuch was the first president, elected in 1910.

At a meeting with Mrs. William Knor, a committee was appointed and later in Mrs. Goreth's living room in 1910 the Club was organized and a chapter secured. Name chose - 'Outlook Club.' Dues 50 cents. The number of members was limited to 15. Later the limit was 25.

A ruling was made to have one one thing to eat and only one thing to drink, also a very strict ruling that names must be presented to the members before anybody was invited to join. There was to be no gossip - all interested in something more worth while. There was a Current Events Department - also Music, Literature and Art.
Debate in Fielding School 'Is the Woman of Today more influential than the woman of yesterday'. Mrs. Halsey and Mrs. Manfield on affirmative side. Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Hagenbuch on negative side.

Old Folks Concert in Hilan in 1915. Mrs. Halsey served as president 1915 to 1917. Club Song _ The members met on Mrs. Gaines front lawn when Mrs. Halsey's song was accepted, as follows: "This Club shall stand for things worth while. In woman's realm and sphere: We will know each other better. We will conquer doubt and fear. W We will strive to learn the lessons that will make life's meaning clear. And sing as we go on. Earth's tumults all above us. But our hearts are calm and strong. We know that right in God's good time, Must always conquer wrong. Within the cyclone's heart is peace. And in our hearts a song. And with courage we go on. Chorus: Looking up for inspiration, Looking out for...