South Orange Historical and Preservation Society

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Since its formation in 1986 through the present, the South Orange Historical and Preservation Society (SOHPS) has supported historic preservation and education efforts.

Their primary objectives are:

  • Developing outreach programs to all the businesses, historical societies, churches, schools and universities within South Orange and the surrounding areas.
  • Developing educational programs of historic significance for our local communities, libraries and school curricula and educational environments.
  • Preservation of significant historic structures, including the historic buildings and districts on the National and State Historic Registers.
  • Increasing membership and membership participation in all events and SOHPS activities

For more information, click here for their web site. Visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @JustSOHistory.

Bryn Douds and Karen Marlowe at the SOHPS table - Newcomer's Day 2013
SOHPS Carolers 2013


  • Membership and attendance at meetings is open to anyone interested in furthering their mission and goals.
  • Membership benefits include a welcome gift: a set of note cards of historic South Orange.
  • Meetings of the SOHPS are held monthly, usually the first Tuesday of the month, at South Orange Public Library

Membership is tax-deductible. Join online at