South Ridgewood West End Neighborhood Discussion

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0:00Introduction of participants - Nancy Heins-Glaser, moderator; Rev. Sandye Wilson, Don Thomas, Dick Grove, Elaine Marlowe, Roseanne McDonough, Ray Grienza, Mary Kay Mitchell, Barbara Macondo, Pat Shelfole, Catherine Fagan, Susan and David Sachs, Kathy Flaxman. Most were residents of Walton Ave. or West End Ave. Participants explained where they lived and how long they had lived there.
12:00Farrell Field
13:45Stories shared by participants, stories about the neighborhood and children growing up, large old oak trees in the area.
26:00Elaine Marlowe talks about library, followed by other reminiscences
37:20Don Thomas discusses history of St. A. and HC and Cameron Field and the South Orange swimming pool.
49:15Discussion of court case in the 1970s when the town wanted to charge for the pool and residents contended it was not legal because of original agreemetn that it would be free. The case went to the New Jersey Supreme Court and the residents won.
54:00Wrapup - Wetlands and SO Rescue Squad mentioned
57:49End of DVD

Recorded: March 20, 2004