Village Trustees Meeting Places 1869-1944

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The South Orange Village Board of Trustees
Meeting Places
  1. 1869-1875
    • It was rented by the South Orange Library as a subtenant the room used by library over Smith & Lum's Bookseller's and printers store 2nd floor front corner South Orange Ave & (present sloan st.) The rent was $50 per year. Joint occupants with library.
  2. 1875-1895
    • On April 1, 1875 Trustees moved to (Wilson)Decker building 2nd floor room because they said "the $50 a year rental was too large for the accommodations afforded" Decker building was then new. It still stands with an altered front and is now no's 6 & 8 South Orange Ave. (Mr. Charles E. Lum thereupon to help the library, reduced library rent to $25 per year.)
  3. 1895-1944
    • On March 18, 1895 Present Village Hall Dedicated