SOPL Local History Collection Policy

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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the library is to meet educational, informational, and cultural needs of the South Orange community. The Library is committed to providing free and open access to a broad collection of materials in varied formats and media; professional assistance in locating, using, and evaluating resources; programs for all ages that encourage reading, and provide intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment; and a distinct collection of materials unique to the Township of South Orange Village and of special interest to community members and community organizations.

SOPL Local History Collection The South Orange Public Library seeks to enhance and further the goals of collecting, preserving and making accessible items related to all aspects of life in South Orange for residents of South Orange and others interested in its history through its local history collection.

Collection & Acquisitions: Scope and Format The library will accept donations of or acquire historical and current materials that relate to South Orange and are of a cultural historical, political or biographical nature. Acquisitions will include items in good condition that document local history, biography, architecture, streetscapes or culture, especially items that are unusual, unique or not readily available at other libraries. Formats include but are not limited to books, manuscripts, ephemera, reports, photographs, prints, maps, postcards, audio tapes, videotapes and DVDs, or computer files. Three-dimensional artifacts are outside the scope of the collection except in digitized format, and except at the discretion of the Library director or Library Board.

Digitization policy The goals of the library’s digitization program are to enhance and highlight its local history collection and to make available to the public materials that would otherwise not be available because of fragile condition. These materials may be part of the library’s collection or they may be digital images of relevant items which are not part of its collection, but which it has permission to use. The digital collections will be readily accessible from the library’s web site.

Criteria for Digitization

  • Items should be unique or unusual and not readily available in other collections.
  • Items should be of high enough quality/resolution to be scanned successfully.
  • Items should lend themselves well to digital format, including but not limited to maps, photographs and postcards.
  • Items must be in the public domain or be reproduced with permission of the author.
  • Consideration will also be given to fragile items to minimize handling of the physical item.

Repositories : The digital items may be held locally or reside in a digital repository such as the New Jersey Digital Highway. Locally held items may become part of the library’s Local History Wiki. Wiki: The library will maintain a local history wiki which will include content of lasting historical or cultural interest, either from the past or present, including text and images. The wiki will be open to all community members (access with library card) and library staff ; it will be managed by the library. It is the responsibility of individual users to respect copyright laws, licensing agreements, and other applicable regulations. Approved, Library Board of Trustees, February 2012