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August 1963

  • The school population was 7000; There were 350 Teachers
  • The summer reading program at the South Orange Public Library had 250 participants
  • The Supreme Court of the US ruled against prayer in schools. The Village Board of Education voted unanimously to agree

June 1939

  • Local resident, John Mills, conceived, planned and carried out the general direction of The Bell Telephone Exhibit at the New York World's Fair
  • 68 South Orange residents lose WPA Jobs under US Order
  • Recreation Center in SOuth Orange has its greatest year -- Bathing Pools are most popular

November 1938

Front Page News

  • Miss Pricilla, Earl of Highland Rd, entertained for 30 Sunday afternoon at her home.
  • Invitations issued for Birthday Party by Mrs. Eugene O'Mara for her daughter Eileena, a Columbia High School student. Followed by a list of the names of the invitees.

In Other News

  • The South Orange Public Library reported that the most popular books were hobby books. Things like "Dolls to Make for Fun & Profit", "Bookbinding", and "Small Boat Building"
  • The Cameo Theatre was showing "Boystown" featuring Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney and "Three Loves Has Nancy" featuring Janet Gaynor & Franchot Tone.
  • You could get a full course Thanksgiving dinner for $1 for adults and $0.65 for children at Anglais
  • The Newstead School site was to be leveled for $8000.00 in preparation for the future building

January 1938

  • SOPL reported that approximately 168,010 books were taken out by its patrons the previous year
  • Dr. Prinz spoke in South Orange to the Temple B'nai Abraham of Esexx County PTA
  • Sirloin steak was $0.79/pound, Porterhouse steak was $0.89/pound
  • The South Orange Library's Children's Room added numerous materials to their collection including: "Great Ker Plunk" by Alexander King and the "Sleep Book" by Dr. Seuss

November 1888

The majority of the local newspaper was filled with ads

  • Essex City - Boarding Livery Stable. Located on South Orange Avenue near St. Andrews Church.
  • Edward Hughes Harness & Saddle Makers. Located on the corner of South Orange Avenue and Scotland Road.

Gambling in the newspaper

  • A Chance to Wager Salisbury and Co. has a sum of $500 to wager on G. Cleveland for President. Amount can be doubled if desired.

The Presidential Results in South Orange

  • Democrat Cleveland - 544 Votes
  • Republican Harrison - 386 Votes

January 1888

  • Classified ads in the paper consisted of people looking to sell a cow, new and second hand carriages and a lot of land sold for $33/square foot
  • South Orange Library was open from 3pm - 10pm some evenings
  • Young men from Newark were fighting in town to kill time waiting for the horse-car, the fight broken up by a police officer and his baton and the gentlemen were on the next car out of town
  • A "bob" sled owned by Mr. Mead and a two-seated sleigh owned by Mr. Simpson collided on South Orange Ave, two of female passengers were thrown from the sleigh and had to have stitches!
  • A riotous mob held control of the highway. The mob consisted of men of all ages, many of whom had been drinking. The men seemed determined on beating each other to pieces. This ultimately led to a ring being set up in the middle of the street for boxing purposes. The fighting continued until the men were too tired to continue. The sheriff announced his willingness to end these types of commotions when formal complaints are brought to his attention.