South Orange Village Fire Department

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"The Fire Department has a force of forty-two which includes the chief, two deputy chiefs, five captains, four lieutenants and thirty firemen. They are divided into four platoons and work forty-two hours a week. Firemen qualify for appointment and promotion under the regulations of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. All members are covered by a retirement system which is administered by the state. The salary range for firemen in 1978 was $11,330 to $15,960. Fire headquarters is on Sloan Street and there is an auxiliary station on Crest Drive which is used during emergencies. The equipment at headquarters consists of the following: one aerial truck (1963), three pumpers (1949, 1966, 1941), one rescue and emergency van and the Chief's station wagon. There are two vehicles kept on reserve in the Crest Drive station: a 1951 pumper and a 1935 aerial ladder truck. These are maintained and operated by the fourteen members of the auxiliary fire reserve. In addition to fighting fires, the Fire Department inspects homes in South Orange to eliminate fire hazards. The department intends to inspect every home every two years. The department also inspects all community buildings and schools and annually tests 600 hydrants. In cooperation with the police, the first department performs emergency services."

-The Township of South Orange Village Fourth Edition published by The League of Women Voters of South Orange, 1980.

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